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Lori Babyak

Years of Employment: 1983-1987

Name when on Staff:

Current Name: Lori Babyak

Current Residence: Regina, SK.

Current Occupation: Office Administrator, Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish

Address and/or Email:

Subjects Taught or Duties: Teacher-Aide/ Principal's Secretary, Kindergarten Aide and Library Aide

Memories: Of being able to work with hard-working dedicated staff who were very close-knit and dedicated to delivering quality education to the students.
The staff . . . how everyone got along so well having fun, and what a great working atmosphere it was.  The students . . . whatever did they do without cell phones, MP3 players, personal computers and all the electronic gadgets of today!  I don't recall "fashion" being as big an issue among the students as in some schools and designer "duds" were not commonplace.  And who could forget the old "gestettner machine" in the office, I usually ended up with more ink on myself than the paper . . . so Mr. Oleksyn would usually have to come to the rescue!  The old spirit duplicator was a little better but praise be for modern photocopiers!

Fads or Trends: "Big" hair, turquoise and purple were the hot colours in clothes.

Additional Comments: Good Luck on your project!!!