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Murrey Drayton

Graduation Year: 1977

Name When Graduated: Murrey Drayton

Current Name:

Current Residence: Family farm in Eastward district

Current Occupation: Farmer

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:   

Memories: Gathering in the halls to sing Christmas carols, gazing out the classroom window watching the gym being built, going to the fairgrounds on "nature hikes", the principal coming into the classroom to observe, going uptown in 'spares' to play pool (until Mr. Owerko caught on)
Fads or Trends:
long hair on boys, bell-bottom pants with a wedge insert
Music included Elton John, Nazareth, April Wine, SuperTramp, Bay City Rollers
Additional Comments:
I now have 4 kids currently attending Kelliher School