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Sharon Grocholski nee Dunlop

Graduation Year: 1964

Name When Graduated: Sharon Mae Dunlop

Current Name: Sharon Mae Grocholski

Current Residence: Regina

Current Occupation: Retired-Former Teacher

Address or E-mail: 16 Bauermeister St., Regina, SK.

Continued Education:  1st year education-Regina Campus, 2nd year-U of S Saskatoon campus, 3rd year U of R Regina

Memories: Where do I begin??? The annual variety night where we showcased our talents!! Outdoor volleyball-we had no gym! Mr. Brown's math class, Mr. Owerko's snappy clothes and physics class, the record hops, Mr. Bolton teaching and calling square dances. Coleen Doloughy turning me on to Shakespeare and rehearsals at her house for Variety Nite. Getting caught smoking (Pat Fornalik and I) after a lunch student council meeting-and we went to the farthest corner of the schoolyard!!--BUT Hank Brown, as Principal, could smoke in the staffroom (where the meeting was held) after eating his lunch! Halloween-we girls got ripped off!!--All the guys got to have the morning off to go out and set back up all of the outdoor biffies we had all tipped the night before! Our exclusive grad wiener roast---no girlfriends or boyfriends were welcome because we were such a close group and wanted our own private goodbyes!! (there were 22 of us grade 12s)--Too bad a couple of girlfriends couldn't accept that!!....Being the only student in grade 7/8 classroom to be taken out and grilled about the "stolen exam papers"--that I later found out had been "lifted" from a garbage can!!!---and they all pertained to the upper grades!

I probably have a million more stories I could share, but this is a sampling.

Fads or Trends: Must Have: hula hoop, bobby socks, saddle shoes, white bucks, sweater sets, border print skirt, shag skirt, skort (for skating), beehive hairdo (how many did I comb in for grads!!). Every fall we all had to watch the World Series---could always catch part of it at lunch. Midget wrestling Wednesday night-very late at night-about 1:30 a.m.---we weren't too alert on Thursday mornings! Songs--every record hop ended with "I Wanna Walk You Home"--very fitting--none of us had cars!! This was the era of Chuck Berry-The Twist, Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Satchmo-just to name a few.

The TV shows that I remember are: Father Knows Best, The Beverly Hillbillies, Lawrence Welk, Teen Tempo (from Moose Jaw...they really did have a TV station, in fact, Allison Persson, Sandy Denham and myself did an appearance on Teen Tempo---we were a singing trio!!)

Additional Comments: Haven't seen any other classmates in so many years...hope there will be a Kelliher reunion in 2005 so we can get reacquainted!! This is a walk down memory lane!! I could probably spend so many more hours talking about my memories of Kelliher High School...but I don't need to bore anyone to death!! I still have some of my yearbooks and memorabilia...those were such precious years!!...I really do hope that Kelliher is planning some type of reunion this coming summer to celebrate our roots! The 75th was truly wonderful!! I would love to know what you are planning to do with this survey. Fortunately, I happened across a copy of the Ituna News...or would not have known about it...too bad there wasn't a more sweeping way of reaching former teachers and students. Good luck on your project and I would be most interested in receiving any emails you send out.