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Ken Faure

Graduation Year: 1977

Name When Graduated:

Current Name: Ken Faure

Current Residence: Sw 18 26 12 W2 Kelliher Sask.

Current Education: No. I worked in the city for a winter. Then did odd jobs around Kelliher. Then in 1979 I decided to take up farming as my occupation

Current Occupation: Farmer

Address or E-mail: Box 214 Kelliher Sask.

Memories: In the late 70s, Kelliher School had a lot more students which meant no combined grades but there were split grades such as ours.  In grade 10, we had two class rooms with about 15 to 20 in each room. Then by grade twelve we graduated with 22 students. WOW!!!! What a drop-out rate. Teachers were more strict back in the good old days, when kids had respect for the teachers and their other peers. In the 70s, when you did something bad the teacher was able to discipline the kids, such as pulling your hair or hitting you with a ruler over the hand. There were also a lot of good times, such as some of those curling trips to Southey, or class trips to the University of Sask. and Kelsey in Saskatoon (that I cannot give you the details). As a whole, life at Kelliher High School was a real blast!!

Fads or Trends:

Clothing- Colorful

Bands- Kiss, Rush, Creedence Clearwater, Dolly Parton

Movies- True Grit, Star Trek

TV Shows- Gunsmoke, Bonanza, MASH, Hockey Night in Canada


 Information: Most graduation classmates have continued to reside in Kelliher area.                        


Additional Comments: I got married to my lovely wife in 1987. We have three kids Shawn, Trevor, and Janelle who are also attending Kelliher High School and enjoying it very much.