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Brenda Kish nee Fleming

Graduation Year: 1977

Name When Graduated: Brenda Fleming

Current Name: Brenda Kish

Current Residence: Yorkton

Current Occupation: Accounting support/ Receptionist

Address or E-mail:

Memories: I smashed my mouth on the gym wall in Grade 9 PhysEd, floor hockey. How come no one went after the plastic puck?  I have nice teeth now, thanks to the Bank of Montreal and our pocketbook! High school really was great. Wish I could do it again, I'd study harder.

Fads or Trends: Hash jeans with snaps, striped colored, hipster jeans, wide belts, Fortrel everything. ugh. T.V had "Another World", K-Tel records.

Additional Comments: Remember when most of the "high school" got booted for not wearing rubber boots?