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Lynne Thorpe nee Gilby

Graduation Year: 1964

Name When Graduated: Lynne Gilby

Current Name: Lynne Thorpe

Current Residence: Chelan, Saskatchewan

Current Occupation: Waitress/seamstress

Address or E-mail:
Box 436, Porcupine Plain, Sask. S0E 1H0

Continued Education:
  Keypunch Operator (pre-computer technology)

Memories: I'm not sure where I should begin, but here goes.  There were Mr. Brown's math classes, and how easy it was to distract him, if for some reason, we didn't have our homework done, so the class was used up, discussing something not pertaining to MATH!  Chemistry classes, but because at that time, I was such a shy person, I didn't do too much and didn't take part in any activities other than curling.  I remember we formed a Girls curling team to go to unit finals.  When the boys finished, they waited for a while, and since we were so far behind in the game, Mr. Oleksyn said he was going home with the boys and that we were supposed to report to him "as soon as we got home" which we did, but it was late when we got home.  We did as requested, and went to see him as soon as we got home, but for some strange reason, he didn't believe us, when we said that we had WON and were going onto District Finals.  It took a lot of convincing to get him to believe that not only had we come from behind and beat the team we were so far behind, but also the next couple of games.  We advanced onto District, but because none of us had ever curled on Artificial Ice, it wasn't until it was way too late to catch up, but even so, we didn't do to bad in District, as we only lost the game by a couple, instead of being way behind like we had been.  It was an experience I never forgot.  Of course, we didn't let on to anyone that we had been so busy telling jokes to the opposition, that they couldn't concentrate on their plays, which might have had something to do with our coming from behind and winning in Unit Finals, but we didn't care, we won and that's what was important.

Fads or Trends:
I'm not sure if I want to get into the fads, hairstyles, etc., because especially with the hairstyles, no one had any idea what type of a hairstyle I would come to school with.  Doreen and Betty used to figure it was great to get into my long hair and do it up, at least once a week.  I would come to school with a Beehive, or whatever happened to be their fancy to backcomb my long hair into to try something new.  I don't think they ever knew how much toilet paper I went through, by winding it around my hair, nightly, so that I could sleep without it looking like a beesnest the next morning, or the hours it took to comb it all out. The crinolines and hoop skirts, bobby socks, red school jackets, (which I might add, I STILL have) record hops, the twist, hucklebuck, and the limbo for dances, just to name a few.

Additional Comments:
I haven't seen many of the classmates since the school reunion, and am hoping that there will be a lot home for the homecoming, because it would be so great to see everyone again and renew old friendships. Since Mom passed away in '93, I haven't been down home much, so this would be a great chance to see so many and have a good time, reliving old memories.