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Tracey Steel nee Horvath

Graduation Year: 1996

Name When Graduated: Tracey Horvath

Current Name: Tracey Steel

Current Residence: New Zealand for one year, normally Saskatoon

Current Occupation: Registered Nurse-Emergency Department @ Royal University Hospital, Saskatoon

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  Bachelor of Science Degree-Nursing (BSN), University of Saskatchewan (NEPS)

Memories: Our track and field obsession, great road trips to districts and provincials! Running at noon hour to train.  Dancing in Phys.Ed to the same country songs over and over.  Skipping the afternoon to go to an auction sale...Cory!!  Hot lunches in the boiler in our younger days.  Lounging on the couches at noon hour.  Miss Armstrong. She's fabulous.  Singing Christmas carols in the hallway in elementary.  Mr. Owerko's physics...had to be there!  Curling and skating at the arena, freezing while walking back and forth!  Mr. Renneberg's chemistry and algebra

Fads or Trends: In our elementary days, tight jeans...colored jeans... so bad!  Teased hair...crimping...yikes!  Heavy metal everything!  Video screens at dances.

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