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Crystal Hrynuik

Graduation Year: 1999

Name When Graduated: Crystal Hrynuik

Current Name:  

Current Residence: Saskatoon

Current Occupation: Registered Nurse

Address or E-mail:  

Continued Education:  Upon finishing grade 12 at Kelliher School, I went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan.

Memories: All of the sports that we participated in . . . those awful looking couches in the senior end of the high school, "hot lunches", spending the warm days on the lawn out front of the school, painting the murals in the gymnasium, putting a snake in a classmate's truck, well, I could go on and on here . . .  

Fads or Trends: Of course "No Fear" t-shirts were big in the mid-90s, the song "Dust on the Bottle", WWE Wrestling

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