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David Jessop

Graduation Year: 1969

Name When Graduated: David Jessop

Current Name:  

Current Residence: Calgary, AB.

Current Occupation: Electronics Engineering Technology Instructor at The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary

Address or E-mail:  

Continued Education:  1. Electronics Engineering Technology Diploma at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary Alberta     2. Alberta & Interprovincal Journeymans Certificate in Electronics

Memories: Good Teachers.  Good Friends.  Good fun in Hockey, football, track & field.  Rural setting a good place to be raised.   Mr. Brown was the 'best' math teacher.  Mr. Owerko was our football coach.

Fads or Trends:
The  Beatles, Rolling Stones, Dave Clark Five, Guess Who?, Elvis.
Bellbottom pants, white socks, loud colored shirts, plaid patterned pants dark framed glasses.
Backcombed hair (big hair) for the ladies and lots of Brylcream for the guys hair.

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