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Donna King

Years of Employment: 1983-1985 Library Aide, 1987-1999 Substitute Teacher, 1990 Grade 9 Home Room (filled in for Mrs. Vicki Maydonick for 2 months!  Great experience!)

Name when on Staff: Donna King

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: Business Owner/Office Clerk

Address and/or Email: Box 70 Kelliher, SK.  S0A 1V0

Subjects Taught or Duties:
TEACHING:  I substitute taught mostly in the middle to high school part of the school.  I seldom substitute taught in the elementary grades, but this is where I was most comfortable.  However I did enjoy the older students.  Learnt lots from them.  Great energy!  When filling in for Mrs. Maydonick I did grade 9 and 10 math homework every night.  Just so I could answer questions the following day!  The staff and students were very helpful! 

LIBRARY AIDE: I enjoyed my time in the library, helping with research projects, carding and shelving books.

I have the distinct honour of being guest speaker for graduation twice, 1985 and 1993.  An experience I will carry with me forever.

Kelliher School, my classmates, the staff, the students, and its community have been wonderful!

Memories: Lots of activities for a smaller school!  During the 1980s, the loonie replaces the dollar bill, Ben Johnson wins 100m sprint in 9.83 seconds, the average price of an automobile was about $10 000, a home about $87 000, a postage stamp about 20 cents

Fads or Trends: Pouffy hair styles, Glass Tiger, Platinum Blonde, Bryan Adams, Alf, Dynasty, Full House

Additional Comments: What a great school project!  Kelliher's 100th year celebration is near; what a great way to reminisce and celebrate successes!