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Mary King

Years of Employment: 1971-1974

Name when on Staff: Mary King

Current Name:

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: retired

Address and/or Email: Box 66, Kelliher, SK.  S0A 1V0

Subjects Taught or Duties: Library Aide - List overdue books and give overdue notes, shelved and catalogued books.  Teacher's Aide - typed (mostly exams - disliked the biology ones - too long and usually multiple choice).  Sometimes I substituted for teachers.  I taught Grade 10 typing for a while until a teacher was hired.

No electric typewriters or photo copiers! I had great helpers - Martha Lambert and Simone Haney. Enjoyed the Library work tremendously!

Fads or Trends: The teachers used to really dress up.  Women in skirts and blouses, or dresses.
Men wore suits and usually a tie.

Additional Comments: I enjoyed my years helping at the Kelliher School. I knew the students well.  I always wanted to become a teacher, so this was a nice opportunity to come that close.