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Stacey Labda Baadye nee Yasinowski

Graduation Year: 1996

Name When Graduated: Stacey Yasinowski

Current Name: Labda Baadye (Swahili for "perhaps later") 

Current Residence: Kasulu, Tanzania (Africa)

Current Occupation: Volunteer Project Coordinator for Right to Play

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan/University of Calgary

Memories: There are tons!  It starts with Mrs. Miller's Snoopy house and the sandbox tables in Kindergarten, sitting in the halls singing Christmas carols, boilers for hot lunches, our Karate-kicking secretary, the 12 minute run, and social dancing in Phys. Ed., and all the opportunities we had for extra curricular activities.  But by far the fondest memories are of the people and their personalities (we were always rich with personality).

Fads or Trends: Perms and back combing in Junior High for the girls, which thank goodness changed into a more natural look in High School.  The "bowl" cut for the guys.

Additional Comments: It still amazes me that everyone we graduated with we started Kindergarten with.  13 years with the same group!  Even though we've gone our separate ways and rarely meet, the faces in our grad picture still fill a large portion of my memories.  The people I've met on my travels love the story of how impossible it was to skip school unnoticed, yet one group did go to a farm auction.  Priceless!  Some experiences you can't get anywhere else.