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Aaron Lysay

Graduation Year: 1986

Name When Graduated: Aaron Lysay

Current Name:

Current Residence: Davao City, Philippines

Current Occupation: Field engineer for Baker Atlas, working all over the world, also have a waterwell drilling business in the Philippines.

Address or E-mail: #12 Dona Mercedes, Km 10 Sasa
Davao City, Philippines 8000

Continued Education:
  Received Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from University of Saskatchewan
I remember cruising around town doing a whole lot of nothing, but having a lot of fun doing it. I miss the sports, football, basketball, badminton, hockey. The road trips in the bus were always a hoot.  Wish someone had recorded the singing.
The old car Dean, Mark and myself bought from Pete Pawluk, I believe, called the Beater, was great. Too bad it got stolen. Who remembers hitting the 2 skunks on the way to the party at Birch Lake? I never saw people bail out of a car so fast.

Fads or Trends:
Many of us were into Heavy Metal Music, which I still like to listen to every once in awhile. I remember going to the Ituna movie theater then rehashing the movie if it was a good one while we were driving around afterwards.
Additional Comments:
This is a great site. I hope people pass on the link and more fill in the blanks. I've been away from Canada in general pretty much since I graduated university and have lost touch with most everyone. When is the next reunion?