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Jeff Marlow

Graduation Year: 1993

Name When Graduated: Jeff Marlow

Current Name:

Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario

Current Occupation: Software Engineer

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  Graduated with honours from Seneca College - Computer Programming

Memories: My family and I moved to Toronto just after I started grade 7, so I only have memories of the elementary years. Some of the things I will always remember are Krazy Karpets on the big hill during the winter, air bands in grade 6 (Dire Straits - Money For Nothin'), trading hockey cards and stickers, Christmas carols in the hallways, and football at recess (3rd down - kicking or gambling?).

Fads or Trends:
When we were kids, the must-have toys were GI Joe, M.A.S.K., and Transformers.  I remember Ghostbusters being a popular movie. I also remember Corey Hart, Bon Jovi, and Cyndi Lauper being top of the charts.

Additional Comments: My time in Kelliher is special to me, and I hope to bring my wife and 2 daughters there one day to show them my home town. This alumni page is a great idea... I hope to hear from some of my old friends!