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Brian Murry

Graduation Year: 1980

Name When Graduated: Brian Lyle Murry

Current Name:

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: Parkland Livestock Market (auctioneer)

Address or E-mail: Box 9 Kelliher Sask SOA IVO

Continued Education:  Moved to Saskatoon after high school and took night classes to get into university to become a teacher. Moved back to Kelliher in 1981 to help with the family business. Went to auction school in Lacombe Alberta in 1982.

Memories: Moved to Kelliher in 1978 while I was in grade 10 coming from a larger school in Tisdale I couldn't get over lunch kits and recess.  Many great memories related to sports which probably kept me in school. It's funny how the teachers you butted heads with back in school you now respect and can have many laughs with, Right Walter O.

Fads or Trends: Bellbottom Pants, The guys had longer hair. TV Shows- Family Feud, Dallas, Charlee's Angels, Movies- Too poor to go to the movies

Additional Comments: This is a great idea,and I commend all the people who put this project together. They say some of your best years are your school years and spending a few of them in Kelliher School helped make that saying true!