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Donna King nee Murry

Graduation Year: 1979   

Name When Graduated: Donna Murry

Current Name: Donna King

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: Business Owner/Office Clerk

Address or E-mail: Box 70  Kelliher, SK.  S0A 1V0

Continued Education:  Yes, but I worked my first year out of high school at a Woolco store in Saskatoon in the paint department.  I then attended the University of Saskatchewan and received my Bachelor of Education degree (Phys. Ed. as my major, and Language Arts as my minor).  I also obtained an Interior Design Certificate through correspondence.

Memories: I came to the Kelliher School partway through grade eleven from a larger school in Tisdale.  It was a little difficult to fit in with the students here as the majority, if not all in my grade had been friends since Kindergarten.  And everyone seemed to be related somehow!!  There was no Phys. Ed. offered for our class which was disappointing, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Senior Girls' Volleyball team, badminton, and track and field conditioning started right after the Christmas holidays!  Broomball was great fun, too!  There were lots of staff changes in the 1978-1979 school year, with Mr. Renneberg, Miss Coutts, Mr. Nowosad, and Mr. Mitchell as the school's principal.  Mumps, measles, and chicken pox took a lot of kids out of school for a while (usually around Christmas).    Most of the boys in our grade were real pranksters, but I won't go there. Ha!  Some of the graduations memories I remember is the Interdenominational church service that was held in our honour and Mrs. Lenore Rein (Skilnik) came in to practice with the girls on how to sit like ladies on stage while in our dresses.  No crossed legs and knees together!!

Fads or Trends:
    FADS: Very large rimmed glasses with dark, tinted lenses.

     CLOTHING: Bomber jackets, kangaroo jackets, jumpsuits, bell-bottomed hash pants and Adidas wear.

    HAIRSTYLES: Wow did we look good!! (so we thought!)  Feathered "Farrah Fawcett" styles, "page boys", perms (gals and guys), natural hair colours and no products!  Straight middle parts!  The guys sported longer hair.

    MUSIC: The music was the best!  Abba, Kiss, Harlequin, Streetheart, The Cars, Foreigner, Meatloaf

    TV SHOWS: TV viewing for all ages!  The Gong Show, Charlie's Angels, Kojak, Cannon, Columbo, Starsky and Hutch, Sanford and Son, W5

Additional Comments: My school years were fantastic!  This is an absolutely fantastic idea and project!  Thanks for all of your efforts in putting this together, and for the chance to go down Memory Lane!  Have fun with it, and much success!!