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Gladys Oleksyn nee Heggie

Graduation Year: 1961

Years of Employment: 1964-1997

Name When Graduated: Gladys Heggie

Current Name: Gladys Oleksyn (Mrs. O)

Current Residence: Kelliher, SK.

Current Occupation: Retired

Address or E-mail:

Subjects Taught or Duties:  Home Economics, Math, Sciences, gr. 3-12, mostly gr. 6

Memories: Variety Nights held in "today's lounge area", classrooms in the lab and hallways (not enough classroom space), Kelliher High School - a 4 room brand new building in 1957-58 - with modern skylights that always leaked. The first year book 1958-59, and my first classroom at Kelliher (Grade 3). 1964-65 - using the division system - 2 year (accelerated program), 3 year regular program, and 4 year decelerated-remedial program. The teacher moved from Gr. 1 to 3 with the same class.            Planning and preparing for the first Grade 6 tour to Motherwell, Indian Head and camping at Echo Park. One girl's tent rearranging their sleeping direction every hour, practicing setting up tents on the playground or in the multi-purpose room if the water was inadequate.

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