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Walter Oleksyn

Years of Employment: 26

Name when on Staff: Walter Oleksyn

Current Name: Walter Oleksyn

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: Retired

Address and/or Email: Box 204  Kelliher, SK  S0A 1V0

Subjects Taught or Duties: Started with Grade 7 & 8 in Cottage Building beside new 4 room school. Had a short fling of Chem., Biol., & English. The last 20 or 50 years were English, in Division 3 & 4.

Memories: Memories include: 1) Mr. Brown, my first Principal who was all business, but he also knew how and when to have a good time! 2) They huge attendance here when Leross, Jasmin, and then country schools came in. During one of the years in the mid 60's, there was over 400 students. 3) I was amazed by the unusually high number of pretty girls who seemed to come from Leross and area. I'm happy to say that one of them became my wife! 4) I recall the huge fuss that grads involved. There was no gym or Rec. Center. The event took place in the village hall. 5) Conventions were 3 day affairs and were keenly anticipated.  This was where you really got to know your staff. 6) Drama and sports were always important. 7) Kelliher School always had more than their share of high scholastic results.

Fads or Trends: I remember the cars, teachers drove. I had a 1949 Chev-4 Door, when I came in 1960. Remembering what they wore or hair styles was low on priority list for me.

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