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Cindy Sigurdson nee Petras

Graduation Year: 1979

Name When Graduated: Cindy Petras

Current Name: Cindy Sigurdson

Current Residence: Regina

Current Occupation: Almost full-time "at-home" mom

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  Through the Extension Division of the University of Regina . . . incomplete certificate in Administration.  Currently studying theology . . . self-interest, only.  I also have become somewhat of a "quilter" and teach classes in Regina for several venues  ie. Community Associations, guilds, and stores

Memories: Gosh . . . where do you start???? I STILL have dreams of not being prepared for an exam!!!!  I don't remember the school work as much as I remember the social stuff . . . mostly the crazy guys in our class . . . humour was a HUGE part of everyday life in high school.  Some things that stand out are:

1) Playing "Chug-a-lug" between exams at Ross's house and having to write English after lunch.  Andy had to come and get Kathy!

2) Louis Kish snatching flies out of the air with his hands and storing them in his compass set.

3) Playing volleyball . . .  and especially going to games in other towns and listening to BTO songs really loud on the way there.

4) Trading half a sandwich with Kathy EVERY DAY!!!!  She always had better sandwiches than me . . . what a good and faithful friend!!!

5) Singing "Seasons in the Sun" one night just before graduating . . . with Ross, Lathy, Charlotte (I think??), Kenny, Myron, Mike, realizing that we will be going our separate ways in a few weeks and probably not seeing each other much or at all. 

Fads or Trends: Clothing: "Hash" jeans with the snaps instead of zippers . . . red or green plaid "lumber jackets".
Hairstyles: 'fro perms, the old "curling iron flip" on the bangs . . . looked like a sausage.
Movies: Benny and the Jets
Songs: "You Beat Me to the Punch" by Charity Brown, anything by KISS, anything by BTO, "1814 we took a little trip . . ."

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