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Laurel Rugland

Years of Employment: 1994-2002

Name when on Staff: Laurel Rugland

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: Administrative Assistant in Lipton School

Address and/or Email: Box 367 Kelliher

Subjects Taught or Duties: I was the Library Associate during my years in Kelliher School

Memories: Memories as a staff member include a lot of practical jokes and fun in the staff room, and working with some wonderful students both in the Library and in the canteen.

Fads or Trends: I remember some of the wild wonderful clothing worn by a few of the students who wanted to make a statement.

Additional Comments: Thank you for doing this alumni project! As Kelliher's 100th birthday is coming up in 2009, it will prove to be a great asset I'm sure!