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Sheri Rugland

Graduation Year: 1994

Name When Graduated: Sheri Rugland

Current Name:

Current Residence: Kelliher

Current Occupation: School teacher

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  Attended the University of Regina and completed my Bachelor of Education in 1998.  Traveled to Japan to teach English for a year and half and also traveled in Australia for 8 months.

Memories: "Suffering mother of little fishes!!"
"For the Love of God!!"

Fads or Trends:
Oh, the '80s!  Neon clothes and BIG hair!
The New Kids on the Block fad . . . oh dear!
The grade 8 tour!
Wars with Tanya in grade 12
Taking notes with crayon!
Great friends and so many memories!

Additional Comments: