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Kathie Hobman nee Skilnik

Graduation Year: 1974

Name When Graduated: Kathie Skilnik

Current Name: Kathie Hobman

Current Residence: Vermilion, AB.

Current Occupation: Medical Laboratory Technologist-Vermilion Health Centre

Address or E-mail:

Continued Education:  I took Animal Health Tech in 1977 and then went back and took Medical Lab Tech in 1990

Memories: The fun we had as as class. We all got along so well.  Playing "soccer" out in the snow with a frozen brown soccer ball.
Cheering on each other in track meets against Lipton and Lestock.  Hanging out in the auditorium at noon, watching ping pong

Fads or Trends: Poor boy sweaters with your Lee jeans, granny dresses.  Braiding your long hair when it was wet so it would come out all kinky (Donna's always looked the best).  Watching Laugh-in and MASH.  Movies like "To Sir With Love" and "Easy Rider". 
CCR, Steppenwolf and Cat Stevens songs.

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